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We are proudly announcing the release of the latest comedy CD by the Pester Rebbe.

"Boondash", named in honor of the hungarian version of French Toast that filled Pester Rebbes plate at breakfast before going to Heder (Cheder).

Go out to your local Judaica store or anywhere where Jewish Music is sold and get yourself a CD with over an hour of Yiddish entertainment.

WARNING! Choking Hazard!
Don't listen to the CD and eat Boondash at the same time.

Der Shamesh


Dear Visitors & Pester Chassidim the world over;

Welcome to the Pester Rebbes website. Pester Rebbe is known as a comedian who already made thousands of people laugh throughout the world, why not join them by ordering the Pester Rebbe to perform on your next Simcha or event.

Reserve the Pester Rebbe Now!.

CD Purim Bailout
Comedy CD by the Pester Rebbe!



CD Purim Bailout
The Purim Bailout comedy CD by the
Pester Rebbe.

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